29 JUNE 1918, Page 2

On the current principle of .self-determination, there could be no

such controversy about the exclusion of the homogeneous area. Mr. Lloyd George himself in most powerful language has long sinew con- sented to the principle of the exclusion of North-East Ulster It only remains, therefore, for him to cut thie area out of the Aot on the statute-book to prove that there is no need for the Ulster Protestant population to stay at home in order to save them- selves from Home Rule. A large addition to our Man-Power would be quick and certain. When Mr. Lloyd George came into office the Mae-Power question was the most important of the problems with which he had to deal. He did not deal with it very seriously till the German successes compelled him to do so, and even now a large proportion of the men who are coming to the Colours are not of much military value. In Ireland there is personal material of the greatest fighting value in the world. Even if the Government cannot screw up their courage to apply Conscription to all Ireland, they ought at least to adopt this ready means of drawing upon the magnificent fighting material in North- East Ulster, which is being kept at home merely by the present policy of the Government.