29 JUNE 1918, Page 3

In the House of Commons on Monday an echo of

the Alien question was heard when Mr. Leverton Harris, whose wife had affronted many people by visiting a half-Austrian, half-English boy in an alien internment camp, was accused of having used his official position in the Trade Division of the Admiralty to get special facilities for the firm of Harris and Dixon, Ltd., in which he was a large shareholder. After Mr. Leverton Harris had made a personal explanation to the effect that he had exerted no improper influence on the Chief Cable Censor, that he had resigned his directorship in the firm before this incident, and that he had since disposed of his shares, General Page Croft read the correspondence—sent to him anonymously—which had taken place between Mr. Leverton Harris and the Chief Cable Censor to prove the reality of his accusa- tion. Both the Prime Minister and Mr. Asquith emphatically rebuked General Page Croft for making use of secret correspondence, and we may add here that subsequently the offices of the National Party, over which General Page Croft presides, were searched at the instance of the Government.