29 JUNE 1918, Page 3

The House of Lords on Wednesday adopted Lent Parmoor'e resolution

approving of " the principle of a League of Nations," but deleted the clause referring to an international Tribunal. Lord Curzon pointed out that the British Empire and the Allies con- stituted two Leagues of Nations embracing seven hundred million people, or two-fiftlts of the world. He then examined some of the obvious practical difficulties in the way of a League of Nations. An unrepentant Germany could not be admitted. The limitation of armaments would be hard to arrange. The condition of af(airs existing at any one time could not be stereotyped, unless it were absolutely equitable, so that an Allied victory was a necessary pre- requisite for a League of Nations. Lord Curzon warned the House that our Allies, except America, were lees favourable to the idea than British opinion seemed to be.