29 JUNE 1918, Page 3

The Labour Party Conference in London on Wednesday decided, by

1,704,000 votes to 951,000 votes, that " the existence of the political truce should be no longer recognized." Mr. Henderson said that the resolution merely referred to by-elections, and added that the truce had in fact ceased when Mr. Lloyd George took office. Mr. Smillie, on the other hand, declared that the truce had been operative until then, and that the resolution implied hostility to the Government. Mr. Barnes pointed out that the resolution made the position of the Labour Ministers almost impossible, and declared that it had been engineered by the Pacificists with that object.. Mr. Clynes warned the Labour Party not to sever itself from the great national purpose of winning the war. He offered to resign his seat and fight a by-election against any Pacificist Labour Member who would resign his seat•. He was sure, he said, that the Trade Unionists were united for the war. We cannot believe that the genuine working men will allow themselves much longer to be outmanoeuvred at Labour Conferences by the middle-class Pacificists who pose as Labour represc 'dative&