29 MARCH 1845, Page 1

France is doing nothing very signal just now The Deputies

are chaffering over a customs-bill, to ratify certain treat!es already concluded by Ministers. In a hostile amendment, M. Guizahas been pledged not to renew the treaty with Belgium ; so that he has gained nothing by that small indirect concession to Anti- British views, except a humiliation.

Meanwhile, the press is as belligerently Anti-Anglican as ever; and two old tales, the seizure of the brig Ville de Bordeaux in South Australia, and the accidental shooting of a French fisher- man who was trespassing in British waters at Newfoundland; are revived. On what pretext 4—Because the English Govern- ment have made reparation; • have paid 4,0001. compensation to one M. Joubert in South Australia, and have given a pension of 201. to the fisherman's widow ! It is not enough, says the Na- tional; for Mr. Pritchard is to have more.