29 MARCH 1845, Page 1

Two faiths make two peoples in Switzerland, and the twain

are at irreconcilable war - insomuch that the very endurance of the federation is doubtful'. Prince Metternich, following the example of Lord Aberdeen and M. Guizot, warns the Republicans, that if they violate the act by which their state was constituted at the Peace, they will forfeit the right to their present station in Europe. But, lost in mutual exasperations, they have not the self-control to listen. The Extraordinary Diet has separated without settling the question of the Jesuits whose admission to Lucerne occasioned all the hubbub : neither Catholic nor Pro- testant will yield a jot to candour or to expediency; each, strong in the belief of his own "true faith," contemns advances ; and each-Will rather persevere to seek the destruction of the other than forbear the family quarrel to nave the federal republic from foreign intervention. It is a painful and alarming sight.