29 MARCH 1845, Page 9

Her Majesty arrived by railway at Gosport from Farnborough at

two minutes past one this afternoon, and embarked from the Clarence Yard on board the Royal yacht for Cowes, accompanied by Prince Albert and the Princess Royal. Her Majesty was received by Sir H. Pakenham, Colonel Henderson, and the other Directors of the Railway. Her Majesty appeared in excellent health. The journey was performed in one hour and a half. The intelligence was received by the electric telegraph at Nine Elms by twenty minutes past one, and reached our office shortly after.—Globe.

Sir Robert Peel, who arrived yesterday from Drayton, left town today by the one o'clock train of the South-western Railway, for Sontharepton, in order to meet her Majesty at Osborne House, Isle of Wight. He returns to town on Monday morning.