29 MARCH 1930, Page 14


The Publication by the State Department 'of an exhaustive restatement of the Monroe Doctrine provides further evidence of President Hoover's desire to propitiate the Latin-American countries: In arguing that the Monroe Doctrine should be applied by the United States only against Europe. and never against Latin-America, the document endorses the Latin- Amerfutii View. It restores the Monroe Doctrine to its pristine simplicity as a guarantee against European inter- ven lion and divests it of the so-called " Roosevelt Corollary " which, during the last quarter of a century, in the face of increasing oppoiition fioni the Latiri-Americah countries, has been deVeloped to justify intervention in Latin-America by the United States itself. Specifically, the document lays di3vrn that • such arrangements as the United States has made, for example, with Cuba, Santo Domingo, • Haiti, and Nicaragua are not within the doctrine as it was. announced by Monroe." Since that, precisely, is What ' the Latin- American countries have been contending, the restatement would seem to meet their objections. While a prefatory note states that the views expressed are " merely personal expressions " of the writer, J. Reuben Clark, a former- Under. Secretary of State, the fact that-they- are published -now in the form of a public document by the State Department obviously invests them with official importance.