29 MARCH 1940, Page 1

Mr. Mackenzie King's Triumph

No one seriously supposed that Mr. Mackenzie King would fail to win the Canadian General Election, but there was general expectation that the immense Liberal majority, unprecedented in the history of the Dominion, would be substantially reduced. In the event it has actually been increased. The Liberals, who held 18o seats out of 245 at the dissolution hold 183 today. Dr. Manion's Conserva- tives hold 38 against 39. Quebec has crowned the Liberal success at the recent provincial election by returning a Liberal for every seat. Ontario, which was responsible for Mr. King's decision to dissolve, owing to the attacks made on the Dominion Prime Minister by the provincial Premier, Mr. Mitchell Hepburn, has returned 55 Liberals out of 8o seats. Both the Conservative leader, Dr. Manion, and his second-in-command have lost their seats. The result is a brilliant triumph for Mr. Mackenzie King's electoral judgement in deciding to dissolve and meet Mr. Hepburn's challenge at the polls. It is at the same time a verdict on the Government's conduct of the war and a mandate to the Administration to continue with increased vigour and accele- rated pace. At the same time one factor in the victory is reaction against the personalities with which many Opposition speakers blackened the election. Surprises are always pos- sible, but to all appearance political stability in Canada is ensured for the next five years. Nothing could be more satisfactory at such a juncture.