29 MARCH 1940, Page 19


SIR,—When an Englishman uses the term " England " where the whole island of Britain is obviously intended, we Scots, being tolerant, merely shrug our shoulders and, while deplor- ing the use of the term, we attribute it in most cases to ignorance, in many others to lack of thought. Few of us, I venture to state, would make the assertion that the term was used deliberately, except perhaps where euphony had to be considered.

But when in cold print in your issue of March 15th your correspondent signing himself N. G. S. Corbett states, re- ferring to " Britain," that he doesn't " use that last word himself ever," one gets a glimpse of that kind of supercilious English mind which explains why the type is to unpopular in Scotland, Ireland, the Dominions and abroad.—Yours