29 MARCH 1940, Page 19


SIR,—In The Spectator of March t5th, " Janus," commenting upon the banned area of Scotland, states that talk on this question is being a great deal over-done.

As a resident in this area, I beg to inform " Janus " that bona fide travellers are experiencing very considerable and quite unnecessary difficulty in obtaining the permit required to enter this area. Contrary to what one would expect, early application does not ensure that the permit will be forth- coming on a specified date.

Residents in Scotland domiciled outwith Edinburgh or Glasgow are compelled to journey to their county town— however far away it may be—to collect the necessary applica- tion forms in person, after which there is intolerable delay and foolish " red tape " before the permit is issued.

This is not hearsay, but fact, and in this island alone prospective visitors have cancelled summer bookings rather than face the trouble of obtaining permits—a severe blow to the tourist trade, so vital to the Highlands. Small wonder that many of us here are coming to feel more and more that Scottish affairs should be settled in Scotland, rather than at Westminster.—I am, &c., M. C. Macausx. Manse of Iona, Iona, Argyll.