29 MARCH 1940, Page 20

SIR,—May I confirm Mr. Powell's clear evidence of the Welsh

women's share in defeating the French invasion of Pembroke in 1797? Some thirty years later my father, with horse and gig, was travelling South Wales for his firm's business in sheep rugs and shoes. Thus he met all sorts in the inns and heard all the countryside gossip.

The " invasion " was still fresh in mind to Pembroke folk, above all how the women tricked the " froggies."

Putting a wooden pump on a cart they fell in behind, where well hidden some half-mile away. Then they came round a building, and, when in sight of the foe, broke into a trot till again out of sight. Doubling back, they repeatedly passed round. Thus the thirty or so scarlet cloaks passed for t,coo red-coats and more before cart and pump came to grief on the rough roads, by good luck not in sight of the foe.

Over eighty years have gone since I first heard my father's story ; nor had he forgot details in telling it when over ninety