29 MARCH 1940, Page 21

A Charming Finch I hear that the canaries enlarged in

the " mystery island " of Skokholm are flourishing and thought Likely to flourish. The little birds that had been t.sed for scientific experiment have got their liberty and are enjoying it Now the canary is a very lovable bird. It is sweet in song, affectionate and long-lived. British ships that stop at a canary island, as I have seen, are usually decorated with inhabited cages from stem to stern before they leave. The birds—again to quote a personal recollection—haunt the verandahs of Argentine country houses, and will build in the folds of the curtains (where, incidentally, small doves will lay eggs in the borrowed nest). Such a bird could hardly fail to be an attraction within Britain, and the future of these immigrants will be watched with general interest.