29 MARCH 1940, Page 28

Take a seat in "Europe's best club."! And without stirring

one inch from your own snug, familiar indentations in the arm- chair at home.

Reach for Hansard, and you're made free of the matchless verbal tourneys at Westminster—yourself scatheless from the hustings, yourself untroubled by exigent electors. With Hansard you become M.P. for yourself.

Interested in agriculture? Listen in Hansard to the most estimable voices from the plough—yet without having Whips to spoil your other evenings voting on L.C.C. bills. Conservative? You are privileged to hear Mr. Churchill word-for-word through Hansard—yet you don't have to answer for him to one of Jimmy Maxton's devotees down at your constituency. Labour? Hansard has its pure word ; pink or soviet red, it's in full black- and-white in Hansard. Liberal? Though three relays of our reporters fainted under the strain, we gained—and printed—every word of your G.O.M.'s imoerishable speech of 1894-

Or are you just an unpolitical man? Then read the most of Hansard and find out how right you are!