29 MAY 1841, Page 13

The Chronicle of this morning contains the usual show of

public meetings in support of the Ministerial agitation.

In the Metropolis, the inhabitants of the borough of Lambeth as- sembled. Some Chartists put forward their amendment ; but it was feebly supported. Mr. O'Connell, who, with Mr. Hawes and Mr. Ten- nyson D'Ey moue, was among the speakers, remarked that the meeting was a merry one ; and after making them laugh a good deal more, he got up some "tremendous cheering" for his friends the Ministers. A meeting which took place early in the week, at St. Anne's Limehouse, is now mentioned.

The adjourned meeting in the Amphitheatre at Liverpool was held on Wednesday. Nearly the same scene occurred over again—Mr. Dix's inconsequent behaviour_ and all—as that described in a paragraph in an earlier page, under the head of " The Provinces." An Anti- Corn-law tea-meeting was held at Stroud on Wednesday.

Free-trade meetings have also been held at Paisley and Inverness. The Chartists tried to disturb the former ; but only four persons voted with thew.