29 MAY 1841, Page 13

The Leeds Mercury of this day contains the report of

a meeting of Liberal electors, to the number of 10,000 or 12,000, on Tuesday, at which letters of resignation from Sir William Molesworth and Mr. Baines- were read ; and after thanks were voted to both for their services in Parliament, Mr. Joseph Hume, and Mr. William Aldam, the son of' a gentleman of large property connected with the trade of the town, were proposed and agreed to as the candidates to be supported by the electors present. Mr. Aldam seems to be considered a Whig or some- thing lees; but in an address which he has issued, he avows himself all

for Free Trade and Religions Liberty, and open to the influence of expe- rience on the subject of the Ballot. Mr. William Beckett and Lord Jocelyn were adopted by a meeting of Conservatives as their candidates.

The Kilkenny Journal says that the Citizens' Club, acting on behalf of the people of Kilkenny, have resolved, in the first instance, to return no man to Parliament but a Repealer ; and secondly, to return Daniel O'Connell, "to set beyond question the chance of his wanting a seat for an hour."

On Wednesday, says the Courier, Mr. Whittle Harvey was waited upon by a deputation from a country constituency, who offered to return him free of expense to the next Parliament. Mr. Harvey, it is understood, replied that he could not afford to give up his appointment. Some influential Members of Parliament, it is added, are anxious that Mr. Harvey should have a seat during the forthcoming struggle, and that an annuity should be purchased by subscription to enable him to surrender his appointment.