29 MAY 1841, Page 14


The Henry Wellesley, Castle. from London to Van Diemen's Land, is ashore near Calais. uith n'ue feet water in her bold—cargo discharging, much damaged. Arrived—Off Plymouth, May 23d. True Baton, Beach. from Madras. Off Penzance, 26th. Plantagenet, Domett. from Bengal. At St. Helena. March 27th, Mary Bulmar, Cant. from Bombay ; 19th. Tar. Langley ; and 30th. Jessie Logan, Major, from Ben- gal ; and Princess Charlotte. King, from Bombay ; April 1st. Ann Meocalfe. Rogers; 24, Woodman, —; 3d, Isabella Cooper, Gillies; 4th, Cherokee, 51'ffellar; and *h. Iron Duke. Jeffs lea, from Bengal. At the Cape, March 16th, George. Donaldson; and 171h. George the Fourth, Waugh, from London. Sailed—From Gravesend, May 22d Manilla, Bolton. for Bengal; 24th, Northumber- land, Guthrie, for Madras ; and 25th, Repulse. Read, for Bombay. From Liverpool, *4th. Heart of Oak. M•Donald, for Bengal ; Stia, Ann, Salkeld, for Bombay; and Mary AAA Webb, M'Donald, fur China.