29 MAY 1841, Page 2

The quasi Free Trade agitation advances : it is even

stronger than those who evoked it intended. Thus, the Tory objection to the eight-shilling duty, that it could not be permanent, is already substantiated ; for the most important meetings declare for total re- peal, and only accept the half measure as a means to reach the whole. Then, one section of the trading community, who are op- posed to commercial restrictions, blame the Government altera- tion of the Timber-duties, because it is so little like freedom that it increases the taxation which it professes to lighten. as

If, however, the enthusiasm in favour of Ministers is not very great nor very subservient, so neither can the Tories say that there Is any counter-movement in their favour. They hailed the single want-of-confidence petition from Birmingham with all the eager delight that Lazarillo de Tormes gloats over a crumb ; and at Liverpool, they affected to abstain from interfering to crush the Anti-Corn-law movement, with marvellous and indeed incredible Inagnanimity—like Lazarillo's master, the starving squire, who affected to be too full to eat.