29 MAY 1841, Page 20



On the 28th inst., at her residence, Hill Street. the Viscouutess DUNCAN, of a son and heir.

On the 26th inst.. at Usher's Island, Dublin. the Lady of Sir GASPARD LE Macaw-r,

K.C.S.F.. 8sc.. Colonel commanding the Ninety-ninth Regiment. of a SOU.

On the 2241 just., at Fitzroy Square. the Lady of Dr. loess Aswan% of a son.

On the 25th lust., at the Vicarage, St:Lowell. the Lady of the Rev. W. WINDSOR BERRY, Of A SOD.

Oct the 25th inst., in Longhorn Place, the Lady of the Rev. RALPH BERNER% of a son: On the 21st inst.. at Southgate, the Wife or the Rev. THOMAS SALE, of a daughter. On the 17th inst.. at Brussels. Mrs. WALLER. of a daughter. On the 234 inst., at the Vicarage. Ha gton, the Lady of the Rev. HENRY W. B. DAUBENEY. Incumbent of Cainseross. Gloucestershire. of a daughter.

On the 234 inst., at Langlee. Roxlmirghshirs. the Lady of E. BRADSHAW Suns, Esq., of stun.

On the 24th inst., the Lady of the Rev. F. Manama, Guy's Hospital, of a son.


On the 26th inst., at Rostherne Church, CHARLES ROBERT COTTON, Esq., son of the late Henry Call ert Cotton. Esq.. to MARY ANNE ELIZABETH, daughter of the lute Rev. Sir Philip Grey Egerton. Bart., of Egerton and Oullou Park, Chester.

On the 21st inst.. at Weymouth, Goes BECKWITH BROWNE. Esq.. of her Ma:esty's Forty- first Regiment, to Louisa Lisosous, youngest daughter or Sir George Thomas, Bart.

On the 20th inst., at Clifton Church, the Rev. W. R. Bitowria., Rector of Beaumont, Essex. to Emus MATILDA, eldest daughter of T. T. Walton, Esq.. of Bristol.

On the 221 inst., at St. Pancras. the Rev. WILLIAM PARKES. A.M.. Curate of Friern Barnet, only son of .1. W. H. Parkes. Esq.. of Gloucester Terrace, Kensington. to ELIZA, second daughter of Thomas Fowlis, Esq., of Guildford Street. Russell Square. DEATHS.

On the 27th inst., at Tunbridge Wells. the Lady FRANCES ELISABETH SoatEasEr„ sister of the late, and aunt of the preseut Duke of Beaufort, in her 67th year. Ott the 234 just,, in Arlington Street, the Hon. HENRY RICHARD MOLYNEUX, Lieu- tenant Colonel of the Sixtieth Rifles.

Oct the 25th inst., at Upper Claptun, the Baroness DE FARO, formerly of Lisbon, in her 70th year.

In Great George Street. in her 724 year, Euzanwrn. Relict of Robert Gray, D.D., late Bishop of Bristol.

At sea, between the Cape and St. Helena, on his voyage from Australia to England, H. F. GISBORNE, Esq., second son of T. Gisborne, Esq.. M.P., Private Secretary to Sir Richard Bourke when Governor of Australia. acid iubsequently Commissioner of Police in that colony. Oct the 21st inst., the Rev. Witxratt Home, of Gore Court. near Maidstone, Kent.

On the 24th inst., Mr. GOODINGS, of Clapton Square, Hackney, in hi s 84th year. • On the 234 inst., at Braxted Lodge. in the County of Essex, Press DU CANE, Esq., in his 634 year.

On the 14th inst., at Portsea, of consumption, at the residence of his father, DAVID JUDAH JACOB, the fifth son of Mr. Isaac Myers, in his Slot year. Oct the 20th February last, &wan. DINAH, in her 12th year, youngest sister of the above.named, of a decline, being two deaths within the short space of three mouths. On the 25th inst., at Heslington, near York. Louisa, Wile of Henry Boyntrn. Esq., , and second daughter of the late Walter Strickland, Esq., of Cokethorpe Park. Os- tfordshire.