29 MAY 1841, Page 20


Tuesday, May 25.


Willey and Green, Jermyn Street, tailors—Mitchell and Goldie, Robert Street, Limehouse. carpenters—Brooke and Bishop. Bath. chemists—Lyon and Hall, Peak. ridge. Staffordshire, woolstaplers—W. and C. Poulton, Bolton-le-Moors, brewers— Luke and Clegg. Burnley, printers—Chalmer and Cation. Liverpool, provision-mer- chants—B. and R. Smith, Devouport. general-factors—Haigh and Co. Huddersfield, fancy wooPen.manufacturers—Mitchell and Temple, Birkheads, Nordiumberlaud, colliers—Hilliar and Nowlson, Clarke s Place. Islington, linendrapers- Hotham and Nicholson. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. hosiers—Redfern and Clews. Longton. Staffordshire. grocers—H. and H. Tyler junior, I..ong Lane, Bermondsey. bricklayers—Leech and Roberts, Manchester, pattern card-makers—E. and H. Cutinan, Norwich, silk-mercers —Van Wart and Naylor. Sheffield. merchants—Butterfield and Co. Leeds. white- smiths ; as far as regards Dawson—Routledge and Co. Belvidere Road, scagliola ma- nufacturers ; as far as regards Routledge senior—Olivier and Culverwell. Fiusbury. Square, boarding-house keepers—W. and T. Wright, Sutton, Cambridgeshire, millers — Cartwright and Co. Bradshaw. Lancashire, bleachers; as far as regards Holt— Humphries and Co. Kidderminster. carpet.manufacturers—Notman and Co. John Street, Totteultam Court Road, pianoforte-makers; as far as regards Judkins—Card- well and Co. Dewsbury. coal-miners—Starkey and Liunit. Old Bond Street, lace- manufacturers—Hanmit and Woodlwls. Manchester, calenderers—Woods and Cope, Keppel Street, Russell Square, wine merchauts —Hedges and Milsom, Bradford, Wilt- shire, wadding-manufacturers.


COOK, WILLIAM, Broadway, Deptford, victualler, May 24.


ANDREWS. JOHN, Maiden Ash, Essex, schoolmaster, to surrender June 4, July 6: solicitors, Messrs. Lofty and Potter, King Street, Cheapside; official assignee, Mr. Cannon, Finsbury Squaw.

Breanswoirru. JOHN, Wrexham, timbermerchant, Juue 1, July 6: solicitors, Mr. Hayward, Oswestry; and Messrs. Pinniger and Westmacott, Gray's Inn.

littows, Wita.tsm. Sutton.under-Whitstoneeliffe, Yorkshire. cattle-dealer, June 4, July 6: solicitors. Mr. Mewburn, Great Winchester Street; and Messrs. Mewburu and Hutchinson. Darlington.

BROCKLEHURST. GEORGE, and Co. Liverpool, millwrights, Jane 5. July 6: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Raw; and Mr. Payne, Liverpool.

BUCKLE. ROBERT, Newport, Hampshire, merchant, June 8, July 6: solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New hat.; and Mr. Beckingsale, Newport. DAVIS, Joscen, Cannon Street, gun-manufacturer, June 8, July 6: solicitors, Messrs. Stevens and Co. Queen Street, Cheapside; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Birchin Lane.

Thermos, GEOROE. and GLOVER, RICHARD, Liverpool. seedanerchauts, June" 7 , July 6: solicitors, Messrs. Taylor and Co. Bedt'ord Row; and Messrs. Harvey acid Falcon, Liverpool.

DOWN, HENRY. Camberwell New Road, stockbroker, June 1, July 6: solicitor, Mr. Anderson. Cornhill ; official assignee. Mr. Green, Aldermanbury.

Douonas, JAMES, Bristol, liceuaed-victualler. June 8, July 6: solicitors, Messrs. Phippen and Craven. Bristol.

EMMERSON, JOHN; Croft, Yorkshire. innkeeper. Jane 4, July 6: solicitors, Messrs. Tilsou and Co. Coleman Street; and Mr. Allison. Darlington.

FISHER. Famems, Wolverhamptou, clock manufacturer. June U. July 6 solicitors, Messrs. Mauby and Hawksfurd, Wolverhampton; and Messrs. Wright and Girdle- stone. Golden Square. HOULDSWORTH. WILLIAM, Egremont. brewer, June 7, July 6: solicitors, Mr. Dean, Essex Street, Strand; and Mr. Peacock, Liverpool. Jrvow, JOHN junior, Bilston, innkeeper, Jane 11, July 6; solicitors, Messrs. Miller and Follows. Piccadilly; and Mr. Holland, West Brows ich.

Lewis, Taoists, Lincoln, hotel-keeper, June 5, July 6: solicitor, Mr. Cooper, Iron- monger Lane.

MARCH. Ittenean, Cheapside, hatter, June 4, July 6: solicitor, Mr. Walmsley, North

Street, Westminster; official aasiguee, Mr. Whitmore, Basiughall Street. - Marna. Amos, and SEED. WILLIAM 0111111.11HAW, Ashton-under-Lyne. cotton-manufac. tureen. June 8, July 6; solicitors. Messrs. Bower and Back, Chancery Lane; and Messrs. Kay Co. and Manchester.

PATERSON, WII LIAM, Chelsea. brewer, June 4, July 6: solicitors, Messrs. Turner and Hensman, Basing Lane; official assignee. Mr. Gibson, Basingball Street. PoRTER. JASIE11. Hannon. victualler, June 10. July 6: solicitors. Mr. Smark, ton ; Messrs. Flood and Mules, Henna's; and Messrs. Rltodesand Co. Chancery Lane. Pores. Ctrrmeer, Asnatew. and JOHN. Durham. shipbuilders. June 4, July 6: soli- citors. Mr. Moss. Cloak Lane; and Mr. Brown. Sunderland Plum, JOHN Kingston-upou.Thames, rnaltster. June 1, July 6: solicitor. Mr. Hart- ley. Bridge Street, Blackfriars; official assignee. Mr. Tiarquand. Copthall Buildings. SEED. Wit.laera GRIMSHAW. Manchester. calien-manufacturer. June 8. July 6;

• Makiuson and Sanders. Temple; and Atkinson and Saunders. Manchester.

SMALLMAN. Hustr.zy, Edgeware Road. draper, June 1. July 6: solicitor, Mr. Drake, Bouverie Street ; official assignee. Mr. Graham. Basingliall Street. THOT/RON. WILLIAM. Monkwearrnnuth. Durham, shipbuilder. June 4, July 6: soli- citors, Mr. Moss, Cloak Lane; and Messrs. Wright and Co. Sunderland. WALFORD, SOHN, Hough, Cheshire. grocer, June 22, July 6: solicitors, Mr. Graham, Ironmonger Lane; and Mr. Jones, Hough.


Juno 17. Manson, Chigwell. corn dealer-June 17, Bennett, Clement's Court, Milk Street, commission-agent-June 17, Taylnr. Maiden Lane, King's Cross. stone.mer- chant-June 15, Young. Osborne Street, Whitechapel. brewer-June 15, Brown. Bun- hill Row, silk-warehonseman-June 15. J. 14. and J. Skelton, Chandos Street. ware- houseman-June 16, Woolven. High Street, Southwark, butcher-June 16, Morris, Pimlico. coal.merchaut-June 16, Langston. Old Broad Street, merchant-June 15, Harrison. Portsmouth, printer-June 14. Lee, Guildford, banker -June 15. Hamilton, Leadenhall Street. merchant-June 15. Hart and Llewellin, Newgate Street, woollen- warehousemen-Jane 15, Warner, Bedford, liuendraper-June 17. Terry, Shoe Lane, quill-merchant-June 17, Wontner, Cloth Fair. woolleildraper-June 17, Ratcliffe, Blackman Street, stationer-June 15, Read. Crawford Street. Portman Square, hair- dresser-June 18. Settle and Bentley. Leeds. fiax•spinners-June 14, Rogers. Newport, Monmouthshire. grocer-June 17, Coleman, Ipswich, builder -June 18, Thompson, Newcastle-upon.Tyne, cabinet-maker-June 19. Wheeler. Wilton. Cheshire. innkeeper -June 17, Rogers, Salisbury. innkeeper -June 17, Rouse. Worcester, stationer-June 18. J. and R. Lawton, Leigh, Lancashire, drapers-June 17, Massey. Congleton, plumber.

csaninceess Tube granted, unless cause be shown to tke contrary, on or before June 15.

Sanders. H. xton Old Town, victualler-Viret and Kitehine. Ludgate Hill, linen- drapers - Ratcliffe. Lowestoft, Suffolk, coach-maker-Dealtry, Leeds. innkeeper-Dear- den. Liverpool, coal-dealer-Vinson, Bideford. tailor-Sigst ea Leeds. druggist -Tay- lor. Little Bolton, cottou•spiuner-Heskin junior. Thorley. Hertfordshire, ht.rse-dealer -Soper, Mark Lane. broker-Read, Crawford Street. Poi tmau Square. hairdresser- Wools-en, High Street, Southwark, butcher-Corbett. Lewisham. Kent, builder.


BAILLIK, JAMES, Airdrie, carrier, May 26, June 16. BROWN. PETER. and ALLAN, JAMES, Glasgow. commission-agents, May 31, June 31,

Coreimors, Prree, Glasgow, commission•agent, June 1, 29.

Burrow, WII.1.75M, and GEORGE. Glasgow, cloth-manufacturers, June 2, 23.

STEWART. ARTI1UR. Edinburgh. flesher, May 28, June 18.

WiLsorr, Teams, Edinburgh, general-merchant, May 26, June 16.

Friday, May 28.


Card and Scott. Quadrant, musical-instrument-manufacturers-Lovelace and Jones, Leadenball Street, tailers-C. and W. Forster, Braudon. blast:smiths-Warden and Geslin. Thornton, brickmakers-Platt and Yates, Salford. millwrights-T. and S. Greenfield, Petworth, grocers-Murfin and Co. Leeds. machine-makers-J., A.. and R. Kershaw. Ashton-uuder.Lyne, cotton spinners-Soper and Richards. Devonport, printers-C. W. and E. Jones. Pillgweully, Monmouthshire brassfounders-Thomp- son and Cu. South Shields, chain manufacturers; as far as regards Thompson -Johnson and Timothy, High Street, Shoreline'', carpet-a arehousemen-Guodier and Co. Liver- pool, steam packet proprietors-Dyson and Crosley, Leeds, wine-merchants-Webb and Thompson. Tamworth, enctioneers-Atkinson and Baxter, St. Mary-at-Hill. wine. merchants-Gardner and Weicliman. Southern. Warwickshire. surgeons-Field and Ford. Cheapside. warehousemen-Caslon and Co. Chiswell Street, letter-founders- Stedman awl Ellen, Greenwich, coal-merchants, nusol.vearr.

SUGDEN, Joins. Leeds, machine maker. May 28.


ALGAE, JOHN Great Yarmouth, fishing.rtterchant.


CHURCHYARD. HENRY CUPPER., and Ham ES, JOHN, Halifax. woolstapl ere. to surrender

J une 8, July 9: solicitors, Messrs. Jacques and Co. Ely Place; and Messrs. Stocks and Macaulay. Halifax.

Emmet's, limner. Bennet Street. Blackfriars Road. carpenter. June 9. July 9: so- licitor. Mr. AsIturst, Cheapside•' official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basingball Street. DICKINSON, JAMES. Bramley, Yorkshire. drys:liter. Rale& July 9: s-licitors, Messrs. 1111psborough and Young. Sise Lane; and Mr. Scholefield, Leeds.

Weitz% Susanna:I. Liverprol. bookseller. June 10. July 9: solicitors. Mr. Sam Lombard Street ; and Messrs. Kay and Co. Manchester.

laws°. GEOROE Pococx. Retherhitlie. ship-builder. June 9. July 9: solicitor, Mr. 'Markin, Curriers' Hall; official assignee, Mr. Lackinglon. Coleman Street Buildings. KIPPAX. JAMES. Lockwood, Yorkshire. nmuibus•proprieter, June 10. July 2: solici- torn, Messrs. Wiglesworth and Co. Gray's Inn Square; and Stansfeld and Co. Halifax. LEA. Jonsr jimior, Chester, tea-dealer, June 7, July 9: solicitors, Messrs. Vincent and Sherwood. Temple. NEwsoste, WILLTAM, Dewsbury. Yorkshire, oil-crusher, June 11, July 9: solicitors, Messrs. Jaques and Co. Ely Place; anti Mr. Greaves. Derby. PARRY, WILLIAM CHARLES HENRY, Liverpool, bookseller. June 10, July 9:


tors, Mr. Sum Lombard Street ; and Messrs Kay and Co. Manchester.

RA MSITAT. Jong, Bradford, Yorkshire. grocer. June 4, July 9: solicitors. Messrs. Bettye and Co. Chancery Lane; and Mr. Wagstaff. Bradford. RILEy, THomAti, Gough Square, printer. June 8. July 9: solicitor. Mr. Fletcher. Finsbury Square ; official assignee, Mr. Canaan, Finsbury Square. SM1TH.• Bierman, New Suffolk Street, butcher, June 11, July 9: solicitors. Messrs. Dean and Co. Fenchurch Buildings; official assignee. Mr. Groom, Abehnrch Lane. SOPTHEE, RICHARD, Hertford. innkeeper, June 3, July 9: solicitor, Mr. Dimmock, Size I,ane; official assignee. Mr. Pennell, Basinghall Street. SUTCLIFFE, DEMAS. 'Marley. Yorkshire, manufacturer, June 11, July 9: solicitors. Mr. Hall, Aldermanbury; and Mr. Wavell, Halifax TAYLOR, TIDIMAS. Liverpool. bookseller. June 10, July 9: solicitors, Messrs. Kay and Co. Manchester; and Mr. SUIT. LOM1111111 Street.

Warm, JOHN, Goldsmith Street. Gough Square, printer, June 9, July 9: solicitors, 'Messrs. Strutt and Galsworthy. Ely Place ; official assignee, Mr. Lackington, Cole- man S'reet Buildings. Woostm, EDWARD, Birmingham. paper.hanginglannufacturer, June 8. July 9: so- licitors. Messrs. Clarke and Medcalf, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Messrs. Colmore and Beale, Birmingham.


June 18. Phipp, Southampton 1104a, bookseller-June 18. Blay, Bermondsey Street, brush-maker-June 18. Cunnew. Fenchurch Street. victualler -June 18, Callaway, 'Woburn. liuendraper -June 18, Fearnley, Hampstead, ironmonger -June 21, Clarke. Liquorpoud Street. builder-June 19, C. and P. Knight. Icy Lane, salesmen-June 19. Munn. Suleabridge, Hertfordshire, paper-maker-June 22. Moss and Smedley. Lancashire. dyers-June 21, Richardson, North Shields, meichants-Inue 25, Cater. Leeds, wool•merchant-June 21. Bentham. Senderlaud, grscer -June 21, Judd, Mel. ton Mowbray. draper-June 22, Pope and Beech, Manchester. brush-makera-June 21. Burliusou, Sunderland, uphols'erer -June 21, Bulman, Newcastle-npon -Tyne, oil- -merchant-June 25, Jackson. King's L. on, corn.merchaut-June 21, Cawood. Sunder- land. tobacconist-June 21, Bishton. Cappois Field Iron Works, Staffordshire, iron- master. CERTIFICATES

To be granted, unless caste be shown to the contrary, on or beflre June 18.

Brongh, Pontypool. brewer-s-Tilburn. Doneaster, auctioneer -Fitkin junior. Turn- ham Green, omnibus-proprietor -Tombleson, Stoke Newington, tavern -keel er - Lamb, Manchester. grocer-Newby. Northampton. merchant -Wilson. Tested' Park, Lanca- shire. victualler -Taylor. Pall Mall, picture-dealer-Meadows, Gloucester, fruit-dealer -Crompton, Liverpool. ironmonger.


Meevrin.z, Merriam. Paisley, manufacturer, Juna 4. 25. Boravitx, WILLIAM, Dundee, merchant, May 31, June 21.