29 MAY 1964, Page 10

But neither God nor Mr. Holland's good sense could stand

in the way of Lord Beaverbrook. He had already blained the Argentinians and the Government and then dropped them in search of juicier prey. He could hardly now start be- labouring the Almighty in 72-point. So there on the Express's front page on Friday was the master- stroke. `MAGNIFIQUE; yelled the Beaver—and there underneath was a picture of the Real Villain—a greasy, balding, moustachioed, evil FROG (or Frenchie) bestially holding to his mouth yet 'another delicious forkful of English steak.' 'Not till he's finished is it time to talk. Then he says "Voilh! The perfect combination, English beef and French cooking!" And then he wipes the last drops of wine-rich sauce off his moustache.'

There at last, in one page, was justified all the verve, the imagination, the brilliance and the professionalism that have made the Daily Express the 'finest newspaper on earth.' And there was no doubt that the day, despite the Mail's attempt