29 MAY 1964, Page 16


Applications are invited for appoint- ment as Vice-Principal (women students). This is a new appointment preparatory to the first intake of women to be trained as primary school teachers in September, 1995. New buildings are now under construction to accommodate 400 women and 800 men students.

Previous experience in training col- lege work or education while desirable Is not essential as the Vice-Principal will have the assistance of experienced lecturers and will wish to devote much of her time to the welfare of the students and to organisation. The appointment will date from 1st September, 1964, or as soon thereafter as the successful candidate can be available.

Salary in accordance with the Pelham Scale for Principal Lecturers with the maximum allowance for Deputy Principals, i.e. £2,045 by 470(41 to £2,325 plus 4450 per annum. Emolulnents will include a new house now under construction.

Enquiries may be addressed to, and full details obtained from, the Principal, Loughborough Training College, Leicestershire. to whom applications should be submitted before June 5th. UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND SENIOR LECTURER IN HISTORY

The University invites applications for the position of Senior Lecturer In

History. Preference will be given to candidates with postgraduate or research experience In modern Euro- pean History (since 1400). Tills need not preclude candidates in other major fields from applying. An interest in

research Is desirable. The appointee will be required to undertake a normal teaching load and assist in the super- vision of Honours and Postgraduate research. The salary range for Senior Lecturer is £A2720 - 4 z 105, 1 x 110 - 4A3250 per annum.

The University provides F.S.S.17. type Superannuation, Housing Assist- ance, Study Leave and Travel Grants. Additional Information and application forms will be supplied upon request to the Secretary. Association of Com- monwealth Universities (Manch Office), Marlborough House, Pall Mall. London, B.W.I.

Applications close. In London and Brisbane, on 261h June, 1064, Whirr. O'Ku.i.v. Black, Limnos. Opening, NM- ZOINOIAN (130111catlX, 1964) I P—Q 4 Kt—KR 3

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