29 NOVEMBER 1924, Page 2

Late on Monday evening it was announced that Ziwar Pasha

had succeeded Zaghlul Pasha as Prime Minister and had already formed a Cabinet. The new Prime Minister, happily for himself, is not, like Zaghlul Pasha, committed by his past. He wants, according to his own confession, to save the country from an upheaval and he is willing to make what sacrifices he considers necessary. To begin with he has sacrificed the Parlia- ment, no doubt feeling that if that inflammable body is absent he will be rid of the chief element of upheaval. Accordingly the Parliament has been prorogued for a month. Ziwar Pasha, who is sixty years old, is a popular character and his appointment has excited no hostility. He was Advocate-General under the well- known Nubar Pasha and afterwards under Fahmy .Pasha before he was appointed to the National Court of Appeal. Since 1917 he has been head of several depart- ments, and he is thus a man of very considerable training and experience. Zaghlul Pasha professes himself ready to support the new Government. * * * *