29 NOVEMBER 1924, Page 3

• Another attack upon Fascism has been warded off in

the Italian Parliament. Last Saturday night the Govern- ment received a vote of confidence by 387 votes to 17. The most optimistic supporter of the Mussolini Govern- ment had not dreamed of such a favourable result. The debate, however, showed the causes of the Government's success clearly enough. Signor' Salandra, as the Rome correspondent of the Times points out, after expressing his hostility to. Fascism, declared his intention of voting for Signor Mussolini as a personal force- His attack was thus a demonstration, not an assault to be pressed home. Signor Orlando was less optimistic of improved conduct on the part of the Government, and he actually voted against them, but without the determined support of his fellow-critics he was really helpless.

* * * *