29 NOVEMBER 1924, Page 3

Although reports of' domestic squabbles among the Russian • leaders

have always to be read with reserve, there is no doubt, that the quarrel between Trotsky and his enemies has reached a more acute stage. It is not possible yet, however, to say that there will be any split ; the Bolshevists are rather good at evading. their con- tinually threatened internal catastrophes. It seems that Stalin, Zinovieff and Kameneff have been foremost in accusing Trotsky of harbouring non-Communist opinions. As the Riga correspondent of the Times points out, the new charges against Trotsky are merely a repetition of those which were brought against him last spring, when he was censured by the Russian Communist Party, but they may have been more hotly stated than before. As a result of the new accusations Trotsky has been playing very little part lately in military affairs. No doubt in the army there are many men ready to stand by Trotsky, but events have not yet revealed any point d'appui for their counter-manoeuvre.

* * *