29 NOVEMBER 1924, Page 3

His peroration was remarkably like one by Mr. Lloyd George.

After a glowing review of Italian history, he declared that he was in the line of those who saw day by day their beloved country growing ever greater :

" We shall make her one great harmonious family. I feel we are now at the dusk. So let ns go forward with new heart towards the new and: brilliant dawn.of our Italian motherland."

Matters have not advanced very far in a year. There is a stronger dislike to Fascism, but the personal-popularity- of " El Duce " is no less than before. The only new point. is that in face of the united-criticisms of Salandra, Orlando and the veteran Giolitti, Signor Mussolini has more definitely than before committed himself to bring Fascism round the difficult curve which will connect it with Constitutional Government. He now enters upon, by. far the. most difficult part of his task. * * * *