29 NOVEMBER 1924, Page 3

It is only fair to say that Signor Mussolini's own

speech had also a determining influence upon the debate. His skill was remarkable. He had a personal triumph and emerged from the crisis with the same sort of success which attended some of Mr. Lloyd George's most memor- able efforts in getting out of a scrape. The scene at the end of Signor Mussolini's speech was extraordinary. The enthusiasm was intense, but the Times correspondent thought it worth while to point out that no one dared to embrace the remote Olympian Mussolini as some of the gratified delegates had been embracing the Minister of the Interior a few hours before. When we examine Signor Mussolini's speech we cannot discover adequate cause for the enthusiasm. Evidently the enthusiasm was aroused by his personal manner, his eloquence, his con- fidence, his resourcefulness in answering objectors. The sense of the speech was that Fascism meant no harm to the Constitution and was engaged merely in bringing it up to. date. As for the atrocities which had been com- mitted in. the name of Fascism, Signor Mussolini very frankly deplored them. * * * *