29 NOVEMBER 1924, Page 2

Peking was surprised last Saturday by the arrival of Tuan

Chi-jui, -the leader of the Anfu Party, who was formerly Prime Minister. With the consent of Feng, the " Christian General," he declared himself to be " Chief Executive "—in other words, Dictator. Feng 'announced his intention of retiring- not -only- from war but from politics and of travelling abroad. Tuan is generally trusted, for, though he is known to be lazy, he is admittedly honest. Shortly after the proclamation of the Dictatorship, Chang, the " Manchurian War Lord," arrived and expressed his sympathy with Tuan. Chang has the real power as Tuan has no troops- directly under him. But if these leaders who have so unexpectedly come together do not fall out there will be a fair chance of bringing back order to China after all. Even Wu and the Military Governors of the Yangtsse, it is hoped, will not resist the new movement. The young Manchu Emperor has had, restored to him the liberty of which Feng had deprived him. * * *