29 NOVEMBER 1963, Page 57

Answers to a Christmas Quiz


1 Balzac. 2 Henry James. 3 Thomas Hardy. 4 Dickens. 5 George Eliot. 6 R. L. Stevenson. 7 Joseph Conrad. 8 George Meredith. 9 Bulwer Lytton. 10 Emile Zola. I Marcellus in Hamlet. 2 The singer of the Winter Song at the cnd of Love's Labour's Lost. 3 Arviragus in Cymbeline. 4 Christopher Sly in The Taming of the Shrew. 5 Richard II to his Queen. 6 Berowne in Love's Labour's Lost. 7 Mamillius in The Winier's Tale. 8 Bcrowne in Love's Labour's Lost. 9 The Fool in King Lear. 10 Nlarcellus in Hamlet.

It Not one of them has been provided by Dickens with a Christian name.


Mrs. Henry Wood. Ellen Price. Worcester. East Lynne. George Meredith.


I Dick Dewy in 'Under the Greenwood Tree. 2 Edred Fitzpiers in The Woodlanders. 3 Michael Hcnchard in The Mayor of Casterbridge. 4 Giles Winterbornc in The Woodlanders. 5 Gabriel Oak in Far front the Madding Crowd. 6 Swithin St. Cleeve in Two on a Tower. 7 Damon Wildeve in The Return of the Native. 8 Jocelyn Pierston in The Well Beloved. 9 Diggory Vcnn in The Return of the Native. 10 Angel Clare in Tess of the D'Urbcrvilles. All, of course, by Thomas Hardy.

V I Will Fyffe. 2 Harry Lauder. 3 Albert Chevalier. 4 Gus Elen. 5 Wilkie Bard. 6 G. H. Elliott. 7 Vesta Tilley. 8 Heti)/ King. 9 Marie Lloyd. 10 Billy Merson. 11 Eugene Stratton. 12 George Robey. 13 George Formby, Sen. 14 George Lashwood. 15 Ella Retford. 16 Ella Shields. 17 Harry Cham- pion. 18 Charles Whittle. 19 Kate Carney. 20 Clarice Mayne. VII Charles Reade. The Cloister and the Hearth Tom Taylor. Masks and Faces. Ellen Terry.


1 The Welsh Captain in King Richard II. 2 Gonzalo in The Tempest. 3 I .ea r in King Lear. 4 Malcolm in Macbeth. 5 Othello in Othello. 6 Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream. 7 Rosalind in ,4s You Like It. 8 Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream. 9 Richard II in King Richard /1. 10 The Welsh Captain in King Richard II.


1 Peek sniff in Martin Chuzzlewit. 2 Young Pcggotty in David Copperfield. 3 Miss Tox in Donthey and Son. 4 Young Nubblcs in The Old Curiosity Shop. 5 Young Turveydrop in Bleak House. 6 Mr. Tupman in 771e Pickwick Papers. 7 Sir Mulberry Hawk ill Nicholas Nickleby. 8 Mrs. Pinching in Little Dorris. 9 Master Twist in Oliver Twist. 10 Mr. Boffin in Our Mutual Friend.