29 NOVEMBER 1968, Page 30

The Whitefriars Club

Sir: The Whitefriars Club, Fleet Street's oldest literary institution, which lately celebrated its centenary, is lacking a large part of its records; and the club's committee will be most grateful if, by your courtesy, this fact can be made known to your readers.

Over the years, old minute books, documents and volumes of the club's annual 'Proceedings' may have been kept by office-holders in their own homes, or have been lent to members who failed to return them. It could happen that some of this property is held either by former members who have moved away and lost touch with the club, or by relatives of deceased mem- bers. In either case they may be as glad to be relieved of the property as the club is anxious to recover it.

Items that can be sent conveniently by post should be addressed to the hon secretary, Mr

Rodney Bennett-England, 3 Oakley Street, Lon- don SW3. Alternatively, a message to him will enable arrangements to be made for any such records to be collected.

H. A. Taylor. Chairman, The Whitefriars Club, Oldwell House, Dummer, Hants