29 OCTOBER 1831, Page 10


Arrived. At Gravesend, Oct. 27th, Georgiana, Thins, from Madras. Off Liver- pool, 27th inst. Hoodless, from Calcutta. In the Clyde, 25th, Elizabeth, M'Alpine, from Bombay. At St. Helena, Aug. 31st, Resource, Shuttleworth, from Madras. Sept. 2nd, Hector, Richardson. from Ceylon. I Itle Diamond, Clarke, from the Cape. At Bombay, May 3Ist, Honourable Company's Ship Duke of Sussex, White- head, from London. June 2nd, Universe, Duthie, from the Clyde. At Bengal, May 24th, Honourable Company's Ship Thames, Forbes, from London and Madras. June 2nd, Honourable Company's Ships Farquharson, Cruickshank; and Vansittart, Scott, from London.

Sailed. From Gravesend, Oct. 22nd, Sesostris, Liddell, for Madras. 24th, Caro- line, Fewsou, for the Mauritius. 26th, Enchantress, Drew, for New South %Vales. From Liverpool, 25th, Princess Charlotte, Dudinau, for Singapore.