29 OCTOBER 1831, Page 10


DAVIS, JAMES, Worcester, glover, Oct. 24. NEWMAN, GEORGE, Pancras Lane, Cheapside, agent, Oct. 25.


CLARK, Jonx, Jewry Street, Aldgate, and Tottenham, wine-merchant, from Oct 28 to Nov. 22.


ATKINSON, GEORGE E. Leman Street, Goodman's Fields, painter, to surrender Nov. 4, 11, Dec. 6 : solicitcr, Mr. Kelly, Farrar's Buildings, Temple. BLAXLAND, WILLIAM, HINDER, WILLIAM, and KAY, THOMAS, Leeds, York- shire. cloth-merchants, Nnv. 4, 5, Dec. 6: solicitors, Messrs. Wiglesworth and Ridsdale, Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Gaunt, Leeds. BOWER, ROBERT, Liverpool, dealer in malt, Nov. 12, 14, Dec. 6: solicitors, Messrs. Adlingtou and Co. Bedford Row; and Messrs. Hayes and Pemberton, HARRISON, JOHN, Liverpool, merchant, Nov. 18,19, Dec. 6: solicitors, Messrs. Blackstock mid Bunce, Temple ; and Mr. Brabner, Liverpool. LAKE, JOHN, South Moi ton Street, Bond Street, tailor, Oct. 28, Nov.8, Dec. 6: solicitor, Mr. Arnett, Old Jesvry. Mon GAN, THOMAS, jun. Walk, Carmarthenshire, maltster, Nov. 2, 3, Dec. 6: solicitors, Messrs. Poole and Co. Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Morgan, Llandovery. Muse ROVE, IttenArtie, Bristol, woollen-draper, Nov. 8, 9, Dec. G: solicitors, Mr. White, Lincoln's Inn ; and Messrs. Bevan and Brittan, Small Street, Bristol. PORTER, RICHARD, WILLIA3I, anil ROBERT, Carlisle, ironfounders, Nov. 1, 2, Dec. 6 : solicitors, Mr. Clennell, Staple Inn ; and Messrs. G. and S. Saul, Carlisle. Srenees, JOHN, Horsforth and Leeds, money.scrivener, Nov. 1, 2, Dec. d: soli- citors, Messrs. Hardwicke and Guest, Lawrence Lane ; arid Dlr. Lee, Leeds. WALLEY, GEORGE' Tunstall, Staffordshire, victualler, NOV. 3, 4, Dec. : soli- citors, Mr. Bancks, Thavies Inn, Holborn ; and air. Hales, Tunstall. WHITEHOUSE, WILLIAM WILSON, Worcester, skinner, Nov. 10, II, Dec. 6: solicitors, Mr. White, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn ; and Messrs. Holdsworth and Co. Worcester.

WeAc es, FREDERICK, Preston, Lancashire, stationer, Nov. 15, 16, Dec. 6: soli- citors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row ; and elr. Walker, Preston.


Nov. IS, Sumerland, Ratcliff Highway, publican-Nov. 15, Thompson, Piccadilly, saddler-Nov. 20, Beale, Mincing Lane, wholesale-grocer-Nov. 22, Booth, Work- sop, Nottinghamshire, maltster -Nov.18, Atkinson, Cock Lane, West Smithfield, brass-founder-Nov. 15, Adam, Rood Lane, Fenchurch Street, furnishing-iron- monger-Nov. 12 Munro, Liverpool, ironfounder-Nov. 17, Bilks, Rossinetort Grange and Lambcoat Grange, Yorkshire, cattle-salesman-Nov. 23, Cockshott, Warrington, Lancashire, Green, Manchester, and Swarbrick, Ince, cotton-menu- facturers-Nov. 18, Higgins, Shiffnall, Shropshire, draper-Nov. 18, Fletcher, Old- ham, Lancashire, batter-Nov. 17, Kinder, Manchester, manufacturer.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or , before Nov. 15. Goodwin, Milbank Street, Westminster, plaster of Paris manufacturer-Double. day, Manchester, tea-dealer-Kirk, Lichfield, chemist-Rowe, Devonport, cabinet- maker-J. D. and C• K. Cooper, Woodeaves, cotton-spinners-Elliott, Holloway, carpenter-Cromack, Annley, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer-S. and R. Moody, Ramsey, Hants, plumbers-Fuller, 'rooley Street, Southwark, chandler-Jenkins, Newport, Monmouthshire, coal-merchant - Phillips, Edward Street, Regent's Park, tavern-keeper-Smith jun. Birmingham, factor.


ANDERSON, JAMES, and Co. Glasgow, merchants, Oct. 26, Nov. 10. BALLANTINE, JAMES, and Co. Glasgow, distillers, Oct. 28 Nov. 14.

Fliday, October 28.


HEMMING, WILLIAM, Claines, Worcestershire, draper, Oct. 27. JOSEru, SAMUEL, Great George Street, Westminster, sculptor, Oct. 27. WOODRUFFE, T. Ramsey, Essex, cattle-dealer, Oct. 28.


ALLINSON, TnomAs, Manchester, commission.agent, to surrender Nov. 10, 11, Dec. 9: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row ; and Mr. Owen, York Street, Manchester. BAKER, GEORGE Fan/emcee Batheatson, Somersetshire, silk-manufacturer, Nov. 15, 16, Dec. 9 : solicitors, Messrs. Egan and Waterman, Essex Street, Strand; and Mr. Neale, Bath. BRIGHT, TII031AS RUNDLE, Devonport, ironmonger, Nov. 8,9, Dec.9 : solicitors, 5lakinson and Sanders, Elm Court, Temple; and }Messrs. Leach and Co. Devon- port. BURN, Some, Newport Market, St. Ann's, Soho, china-dealer, Nov. 4, 15, Dec.9 : solicitor, Mr. Taylor, King Street, Cbeapside.

GRAHAM, June:, Liverpool, linen-draper, Nov. 16, 17, Dec.9 : solicitors, Messrs. Blackstock and Bunce, Temple; and Mr. Pinkardtote Preeson's Row, Liverpool.

HOWELL, BENJAMIN, and Betters, WILLIAM BENNET, Charles Street, Caven- dish Square, and Judd Street, Brunswick Square, ironmongers, Nov. 1,11, Dec. 9 : solicitor, Mr. Crouch, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane. LAMB, JAMES AUGUSTUS, Battersea, victualler, Nov. 4, 11, Dec. 9 : solicitor, Mr. Long, Staple Inn, Holborn. MADDOCK, WILLIAM, Portsea, coal-merchant, Nov. 4, 15, Dec. 9: solicitor, Mr. Conroy, Gray's Inn Place, Gray's Inn Square. MOSES, MOSES, Newport, elonmouthshire, coal-merchant, Nov. 16, 17, Dec. 9: solicitors, Mr. Cole, Furnival's Inn; and Mr. Griffiths, Monmouth. Pa ovo, Leos-ten VEO, Newton Abbott, Devonshire, ironmonger, Nov. 14, 15, Dec. 9: solicitors, Mr. Sole Aldermanbury ; and Mr. 'fink, Devonport. SHEPARD, THOMAS, Upper Marylebone Street, victualler, Nov. 4, 11, Dec. 9: so- licitor, Mr. Miller, New Inn. Vince:ay, WILLIAM, Brereton, Cheshire, innkeeper, Nov.5, 7, Dec. 9: solicitors, Mr. Cornthwaite, Dean's Court, Doctors' Commons ; and Sir. Vaudrey, Comelerase Cheshire.


.Nov. 18, Linthorne, Walbrook, and Jolliffe, Crewkerne, Somersetshire-Nov. 18, Trateer, Royal Hill, Greenwich, stone-mason -Nov. 18, Fieldsend and Crook, Oxford Street, linen-drapers-Nov. 18, Walkden, Islington Green, china-dealer- Nov. 18, Tullett, Birmingham, hatter-Nov. 18, Ferguson, Gt•Prescot Street, Good- man's Fields, carpenter-Nov. 18, Alewyn, Fenchurch Street, merchant-Nov. 29, Breeds, Hastings, Sussex, merchant-Nov. 22, Gerharde Savage Gardens, merchant -Nov. 22, Turnbull, Upper Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square, music-seller-Nov. 22, Tessier, ithigniore, Devonshire, merchant-Dec. 2, Fincham, Billiter Street, mer- chant-Nov.4, Waddington, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, merchant-Nov. 19, Banton, Northwich, Cheshire, grocer-Nov. 29, Hough, Monmouth, printer-Nov. 28, Gee, Liverpool, cordwainer-Dec. 1, Brown, Gateshead, Durham, publican-Nov. IS, Hodgson, Covent Garden, wine-merchant.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Nov. 18. C. and T. Monk, Frome Selwood, Somersetshire, linen-drapers-Cowling, PoultrY, haberdasher-Murrell, Evesham, Worcestershire, tallow-chandler.-Davis, Birming- ham, linen-draper-W. and F. Manning, and Anderdon, New Bank Buildings, West India merchants.


ALLAN, Moon, and Susawoori, Joan, Edinburgh, coach-builders, Nov.2, 16: Polzocs, GEORGE, Cbapelball, near Airdrie, innkeeper, Nov. 2,17.