29 OCTOBER 1831, Page 10


STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Essex NG.-Three per Cents. closed on Saturday at Ste buyers ; Exchequer Bills 9s. to 10s. premium. On Monday there was a slight advance; but on Tuesday, in consequence of the intelligence of the Dutch King's hesitation in accepting of the treaty offered by the Allies, a sudden change took place in the Market, and Consuls fell to 812 ; there was a subsequent rally, and they closed at 82e 4 for the Account. On Wednesday and Thursday, there was an ad- vance of 4, and prices remained firm though bargains were very limited. To-day business bas been more extensive ; and from the opinion that Holland will refuse the treaty having gradually given way, prices have farther improved. Consols close at 821, sellers, and Exchequer Bills at Os. to Ss. premium. CLOSING PRICES OF STOCKS ON FRIDAY.

II per Cent. Console See 2 Colombian . .. 11 12

Consols for Acct. S9 e .. 63e 4 1/1 sir-tries.