29 OCTOBER 1831, Page 10



On the 26th, the Rev. S. Hinds, nr. A. of Queen's College, and late Vice-Principal of St. Alban's Hall, was admitted to the degree of Bachelor in Divinity.

On the 27th, the following degrees were conferred. Doctor in Divinity-S. Hinds, of Queen's College, Chaplain to his Grace the Archbishop of Dublin. Bachelor in CHI Law-S. R. Kenyon, Fellow of All Souls. Masters of Arts-T. C. Parr, Christ Church, Grand Compounder ; G. Lavie, Christ Church ; C. It. Littledale, Student of Christ Church; Rev. E. Grimmett, Magdalen Hall; Rev. \V. Harding, Univer- sity ; Rev. J. Hughes, Jesus ; Rev. J. Phelps, Scholar of Jesus. Bachelor of Arts- C. W. Orde, University, Grand Compounder.


At a congregation on Wednesday last, the following degrees were conferred. Bachelor in Dieinity-Rev. E. Day, Sidney 'Sussex College (compounder), Vicar of Millington, Yorkshire-Masters of Arts-Rev. C. J. Shaw, Trinity College ; Rev. P. Gilpin, Christ's College ; J. Gattey, Sidney Sussex College-Bachelors of Arts -J. L. Figgins, Queen's College ; G. Watts, Queen's College ; J. Cookson, Corpus Christi College; H. Matthew, Sidney Sussex College.

At the same congregation, the Rev. Mr. Carne, of Trinity College, and the Rev. 31ir. Arlett, of Pembroke College, were appointed Pro-Proctors.

On Wednesday last, C. R. Beauclerk, Esq., M.A., Junior Fellow of Caius College, was elected a Senior Fellow ; W. H. Stokes, Esq., M.A., Perse Fellow, a Junior Bellow ; and G. Budd, Esq., B.A. a Perse Fellow of that society.