29 OCTOBER 1831, Page 2

Greece, which may be said to have had no settled

Government since the commencement of the insurrection that led to its inde- pendence, has been suddenly deprived of its nominal head, by the hand either of private revenge or of political hatred: CAPO D'IS- TRIAS has been assassinated. His authority had long been op- posed by his countrymen ; but it was only within the last three months that their opposition broke out into open revolt ; when the Ilydriotes formally abjured his sway, and MIAIMIS, on whose pa- triotism he strongly relied, destroyed, at Poros, the small fleet on which the power of government chiefly rested. We have before us the proclamation of the Russian Admiral Ricoan, dated 15th August, stating that he has interdicted the navigation of the Archipelago to armed Hydriote vessels ; and justifying the inter- diction by an attack which they had made on the Russian flag. He denies any intention of interfering in the disputes of the Greek Chiefs ; but we should not be surprised if his interference have hurried on the catastrophe in which they have terminated. The Congress of London, which has just finished settling two states, will now have to begin to the question of Greece, which their former labours did so little to solve; and which their conti- nued neglect, for the last two years, has greatly complicated. The removal of CAPO D'IsTRIAS will probably facilitate their efforts.