29 OCTOBER 1937, Page 38

THE LONG WHIP By Jane Brevoort Walden and Stuart -D.

- L. Paine

The Long Whip (Chapman and Hall, los. 6d.) is about an Eskimo husky dcig —Jack the Giant Killer. To readers who enjoy true stories of animal endur- ance and intelligence this biography of a real celebrity can -be- recommended: Jack had been abandoned as untameable by his Eskimo owners, but for his obviously - great possibilities he was included in the 15o dogs selected for Admiral Byrd's second Antarctic expe, dition. Proud and savage, he was a born . team-leader, once broken in to harness. Mr. Paine's team, with Jack leading, soon began to break records. Their job was to take supplies from the ship across the Ross ice barrier to Byrd's base-camp on the edge of the- polar plateau. When the trail-breaker —a man—was disabled, jack took over the job. Breaking trail needs having a sense of direction, setting the "pace.?_ holding a straight course, selecting then track, navigating crevasses and bearing-,f; the brunt of the weather:' Jack per-4 formed the, unknown feat for 'a dog o trail-breaking for ."..1;.4.to miles withou avoidable mishap. Jack pow lives in -retirement on the farm of his formee, driver, Mr. Paine, who !has written. a4 stirring • 'and wni-thy tribUte: 'to a de--- servecily famous -dog. •