29 OCTOBER 1988, Page 30

Nursery curriculum

Sir: Following the article on 1 October by Alexandra Artley who argues for universal nursery education from the age of three, we have received many requests for our schools' curriculum document (a 24-page A4 booklet). Naturally we are delighted that so many people from far and wide are interested in what we are offering at the ILEA's oldest and largest nursery school, Rachel Mcmillan.

Unfortunately the copies will not be available until late November. Perhaps we could take this opportunity to let your readers know that we will be happy to send copies providing we have received £2 at the time of order. This will cover costs and postage. We regret having to make charges, but as your readers will appreci- ate, in these times of severe cuts, we are more and more bound by the restraints of the budget.

Many thanks to all those who have shown an interest and by now will have heard from us.

Sheila Lucas

Acting Head, Rachel McMillan Nursery School, McMillan Street, Deptford, London SE8