29 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 1

None of the accounts from Candia appear worthy of much

credence. According to one, the Turks have defeated the Greeks, according to another, the Egyptian troops have been forced to capitulate. According to a letter from Candia of the 17th inst., published in the Star, the latter statement is correct, the writer adding that the Cretans have killed Egyptian hostages, in revenge for "indescribable atrocities"Mmmitted on their com- patriots in other districts by the Turks. It seems certain that the revolt has not been suppressed, that the Cretans intend, if successful, to join Greece, and that the Pacha of Egypt is asking to have Candia added to his hereditary pashalic. The Turkish Government is despatching reinforcements, and it is said that numerous Greek officers have reached the island to aid the in- surgents, who of course fight with the desperation a fear of: Turkish cruelty always produces. No amnesty will tempt them,, unless guaranteed by some European power.