29 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 1

The Government of Prussia has settled its dispute with the

Chamber about the Reserve Fund. It accepts 6,000,0001. instead of 9,000,000/., and promises not to spend any of it, except in tima of danger, without the consent of the House. In announcing this resolution Count von Bismarck made a remarkable admission. Prussia, he hinted, might still be compelled to defend what she had acquired. "In such a position the unforeseen often plays an im- portant part. We must have our hands on our swords and our purses well filled." He thought the Eastern question might lead to serious European difficulties, and called on the House to trust the Governnient. This allusion to the Eastern question confirms the numerous reports, some of them, as we know, believed by diplomatists of experience, as to the expected revival of that for- midable difficulty. It must not be forgotten that a Hohenzollern now governs the Principalities.