29 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 2

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con- stitution to be granted to his subjects by the Paeha of Egypt. It is to be on the French plan, with universal suffrage, Council of State, limited right of debate, and all the rest of it. If that is true, let the Egyptian bondholders look to it, for the object of that grotesque device must be to create a new taxing machine. The report is, however, in all probability a mere Levantine canard The true constitutional "Chamber" of every Asiatic country is the free Divan, to which notables are summoned as well as officials, and entitled to speak exactly what they think in the presence of the sovereign. To punish anything said on such occasions is considered an act of treachery and oppression, and such divans have often modified the course of the ruler. If the freedom of speech could be made perfect, the plan would work well enough.