29 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 2

It is believed that the differences which impeded the cession

of Venetia have all been removed, Italy giving way somewhat about boundary, and Austria about money. Italy is not to have the northern shore of the Lake of Garda, or to accept any but the Lombardo-Venetian debt. It is supposed that Venice will be entered on the 10th or 12th of October, and the Commandant has warned the Venetians to wait till then, and not insult the troops. The plebiscitum is to be taken, but there is no doubt whatever, as to its result. In Venice the single advantage of Austrian rule, low taxation, did not exist, and the Venetians are well aware that a republic is impossible. It is expected by the Italian Govern- ment that the vote will be nearly unanimous, and the Liberation Committee desires to make it quit % so.