29 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 2

Trouble is expected at Rome from the excessive financial pres-

sure. The Bank of Rome no longer changes its.bills, and money is not to be had, except at a sacrifice of from 10 to 11 per cent. There is talk of an issue of inconvertible currency, and the middle classes feel the want of specie so bitterly that there are fears of an open e'meute. It is stated that the-reaction is again in the ascendant, and that the Pope will make no concessions, but we believe the Italian Government is convinced that the Convention will be carried out. The legion of Antibes, composed of French soldiers, has arrived, and will suffice as a personal guard to His Holiness, but the French once withdrawn, the districts outside Rome will pro- ceed at once to secularize themselves, administration • resting perhaps for the time with the eemmunearthemselves, which are as alive in the Roman States as everywhere else in Italy. The King's Government is accordingly drawing a heavy cordon of troops round the Raman territory, 44 to repress disorder."