29 SEPTEMBER 1866, Page 3

We read with a:good deal of amazement in the Morning

Star of Wednesday that "A Man following his own Body to the Grave' is 'certainly a sensational heading, but ff the narrative which we -publish in--another column is true, that and much more of an equally astonishing character has recently occurred in London." We can- not,'-for- our parts, imagine anything of "an equally astonishing character" =to a man's "following his own body-to the grave," -except indeed s maa's following his own body anywhither, which. =would be quite as astonishing as his following it ;to the grave. However, the narrative disappointed the promise held-out by the Irish 'writer in' the -Star. It turned Out to be only a story' of a matesionowing kis own-eolfin to the, grave, whiehmfaa -ingenious for its- intended object, but not even marvellous. A man called VitarDtmatt, -a Bordeauxanerchant, who had been bankrupt, 'and ;who-wished his wife to get the money insured hiSlife,iprebeneled 'to die,- procured a certificate of death by trickery, and' eollowed 'under an assumed name aLlead coffin to the grave in St Patrick's Cemetery, Low ' Ley ton, which gave out an cenbariz. Ling his earn corpse. 'But though it may not be- easy to do =this= in general without immediate detection, there =is nothing mere remarkable about it than about any other lie -to-which our poor humanity= is so Often driven. Demattwas found out and is 'now' in French ' custody' for the fraud.