29 SEPTEMBER 1906, Page 16


EDITOR OF TUE "SPECTATOR."] have the pleasure of reading the Spectator lent me by a friend, to whom I loan a paper equally interesting to him, and as I looked over your special "Literary Supplement" for June 30th, 1906. I was wicked enough to be really covetous, thus breaking one of the great Commandments. The reason I felt so must be put down to that list of yours, for there I saw the notices of so many books one would be so delighted to read. Your valuable space will only allow me to mention three or four : "The Life of Alfred Ainger," "The Life of Alexander Hamilton,"" Cornish Saints and Sinners," "History of the Indian Mutiny," &c., &c. Do any of your readers know of a loan club where missionaries might apply for books at a small cost, returning them by post after a reasonable time allowed for reading ? The prices of some of these are utterly beyond the missionary's purse ; but they would value being able to read them at a small cost, and undertaking to send