29 SEPTEMBER 1906, Page 2

Even if the worst alleged against the •negroes be true,

this indiscriminate massacre fully deserves the severe con- demnation of the New York Evening Post, which, after describing. the ," Atlanta. pogrom." as the result of a negrophobe campaign engaged in by the politicians and Press of Georgia for the, last six months, asks "Why talk of pacifying Cuba P Nothing that has happened there in the remotest degree approaches the Atlanta horror in

its danger to the United States This country cannot hereafter fairly protest against any excess in the Tsars Empire, however terrible." The massacre at Atlanta is not only an outrage on humanity, but, like all counsels of panic, an incentive to reprisals, which have already occurred, and is thus calculated to defeat its avowed aim. When will the Southern whites learn that the proper way to protect their women is to organise a really efficient police, and to punish crimes against them with prompt judicial severity, instead of killing in a foolish panic of rage men who possibly are entirely innocent ? We sympathise with the whites in their horror at the thought of what defence- less women may have to endure from black criminals, but we must protest against the folly and crime of the methods of protection which they adopt.