29 SEPTEMBER 1906, Page 2

Last Sunday Mr. John Redmond, addressing a large meeting at

Grange, County Limerick, declared that in a score • of instances the present Government had disregarded Irish public opinion and falsified promises given, thereby showing that it was constitutionally impossible for any British Govern- ment to govern Ireland. The Government, with two or three exceptions, -were avowed Home-rulers, and they were told that

a Bill would be introduced next year dealing with self- government in Ireland. But the extraordinary feature of the situation was that this Home-rule Government was only to introduce what was called administrative Home-rule. The Irish Party bad no responsibility whatever, direct or indirect, for the proposal of any such makeshift. The Irish people stood where they had always stood. Nothing short of a complete measure of Home-rule—and by that be meant a Parliament freely elected, with an Executive responsible to it—could ever be accepted as a settlement of the Irish question.