29 SEPTEMBER 1906, Page 25

was practicable, under various headings. Chap. 1, for instanee, is

headed "Race, History, Topography"; chap. 2, "Biography, Genealogy, Sm."; chap. 3, "Language, Dialect." Of course, many curious and fanciful things are to be found among these" Notes and Queries." "A. B. L." thinks that there was ample time for St. Paul to visit Britain in the fourteen years that passed, as he himself says in Gal. i., between his first and second visit to Jerusalem, when Britain was "a colony of Rome." Britain was nothing of the sort. A Roman army was transported thither in A.D. 43, and the island was partly subjugated during the next ten years. But it was not St. Paul's plan to conduct his work as an evangelist in such circumstances. He availed himself of the Pax Banana. But of the general scheme of Cornish Notes and Queries we highly approve, and we are glad to see that they are to be continued. A county paper may do most useful work in this way.