29 SEPTEMBER 1906, Page 3

Happily, Britain can point to an absolutely clean record in

regard to her treatment of Mohammedans, not only in India, but in Egypt and in every other part of the world where Englishmen have come in contact with Islam. We have never interfered with the Mohammedan religion or oppressed its votaries. The Indian Mohammedans are, we believe, thoroughly loyal to our rule and appreciate our good faith. We would ask them, however, to remember that all Mohammedans 'do not display the high qualities shown by themselves, and to note that when we have been in conflict with the Sultan it has never been on religious grounds. Though in the future, as in the past, we shall not shrink from maintaining our rights to the fullest extent and in the firmest manner against Turkey, the Turkish Sovereign will never be opposed by us as a Mohammedan, but, if at all. solely as a ruler who has unwisely chosen to declare himself the active enemy of the British people. The faith of Islam will never suffer from contact with our Empire.