29 SEPTEMBER 1906, Page 3

The Times of Wednesday prints at the foot of its

-third article on the "MacDonnell Mystery" a letter from Colonel .Saunderson which demands that the uneasy feeling existing in many quarters in regard to the MacDonnell letters should be set at rest. Should Mr. Balfour "request Sir Antony MacDonnell to produce what he termed embarrassing letters,' it is difficult to see bow Sir Antony could refuse to make public those documents." "It is not too much," Colonel Saunderson ends, "to ask Mr. Balfour to break his somewhat long-continued silence." We agree with Colonel Saunderson that it is most desirable that Mr. Balfour should now give his sanction to the publication of the letters. We trust that if Mr. Balfour does not move before the meeting of Parliament, Colonel Saunderson will bring the whole matter before the House of Commons.