29 SEPTEMBER 1967, Page 20

The Evans country : finale

5.40. The Bay View. After the office, Evans drops in for a quick glass of stout, Then, by the fruit-maohine, runs into Haydn, Who's marrying the kid he's nuts about.

Of course, he won't pretend it's all been easy : The wife's three-quarters off her bloody head, And Gwyneth being younger than their youngest Leaves certain snags still to be combated.

Oh, no gainsaying that she's quite a handful; No, not bad-tempered, man, just a bit wild. He likes a girl to show a touch of spirit; It's all the better when you're reconciled.

And then, dear dear, what dizzy peaks of passion! Not only sex, but mind and spirit too, Like in that thing Prof Hughes took with the Honours: That's right, The Rainbow—well, it's all come true.

6.10. The Humber. Evans starts reflecting How much in life he's never going to know: All it must mean to really love a woman; He pulls up sharp outside a bungalow.

6.30. Balls to where. In like a whippet; A fearsome thrash with Mrs No-holds- barred (Whose husband's in his surgery till 7); Back at the wheel 6.50, breathing hard.

7.10. 'Braich-y-Pw11.'—'Hallo there, Megan. Na worse than usual, love. You been all right?

Well, this looks good. And there's a lot later;' Don't think I'll bother with the club


Nice bit of haddock with poached egg, Dundee cake,,, Buckets of tea, then a light ale or two, , And 'Gun Smoke," Danger Man,' the Late Night Movie- , Who's doing better', then? What about you?